Can I drink coffee after workout for weight loss? 

Before getting into that, let’s just answer why people drink coffee? Why people enjoy drinking coffee? Why people love coffee more than tea? Or Drinking coffee helps you to weight loss?

People drink coffee because they are getting energy from every sip of coffee. Coffee contains caffeine that makes them active and energetic.  

caffeine is that thing that gives you energy, you have also seen the sports players drink a colorful drink which contains high amount of caffeine.  

Coffee also helps you to aid and lower depression and the main thing it gives you energy other than anything. 

People had made a habit of drinking one to two cups of coffee a day they can’t go for their work until they get there a cup of coffee. 

Besides drinking coffee after or before workout, let’s see that 

Is drinking Coffee really helps in weight loss? 

Many people advise that drinking coffee helps to weight loss while some says it is bad for weight loss, it gains your weight instead of weight loss. And you will be confused, whom to listen. Keep your confusion aside and your answer is, 

Yes, drinking coffee helps you to lose weight. 

But coffee is not that thing which will burn your fat. It cannot help you to burn calories or like you may drinking it whole day in thinking that it will make you slim. 

Coffee helps you to weight loss by providing energy. We discussed above that coffee contains caffeine which is the main thing that helps you to get energetic and helps you stay awake for longer hours. 

Coffee also contains many useful nutrients that will help you to improve your digestion, boost your metabolism and the main thing it gives you energy. 

A cup of coffee helps you to curb your appetite, which will help you to not to eat junk food or removing your unwanted hunger. 

But in scientific language, 

Caffeine blocks the receptors in your brain which causes you lazy. It blocks these receptors of neurotransmitters  

which are known as adenosine. 

But coffee can also lead to weight gain 

Yes, it is the bitter truth that coffee can lead to weight gain.  

Many people add milk or sweeteners to their coffee like sugar or something which leads to weight gain.  

There are many popular coffee shops in which the sugar is in high amount which means high in calories. Which may lead to weight loss. 

So, it is better to make your own coffee at your home, as you know what you put it in.  

In this article we will also see the different types of calories with their making process. Stay connected. 

Before that, Let’s see in details about, what are the benefits and limitations of coffee. 


Helps you to lose weight-

Yes coffee helps you to weight loss but as we discussed above that coffee is not that thing which automatically burns calories.  

Coffee also contains magnesium as well as potassium, which helps your body to use the insulin and helps in regulating blood sugar levels and reducing the sugar cravings. 

Boost energy level-

It is the main reason why people drink coffee.  

Coffee contains caffeine which helps you to get energy and stay awake for longer time. 

In science language caffeine blocks the receptor of neurotransmitter know as adenosine. 

Therefore, it increases the level and allow them to move freely in your brain that helps you regulate energy level, including dopamine. 

Lowers depression-

as we know that caffeine blocks the receptor of neurotransmitters known as adenosine.  

But why it blocks, why there is a need to block these receptors? Because these are the receptors which causes fatigue and depressed your mood. 

In my point of view when we drink coffee, we get energetic and active for which we tend to get rid of the depression or any other problem which you are facing. 

If you want to know more in deep with scientific study, you can check other respected websites which is trustable. 

Reduces appetite-

For doing weight loss people came across the topic of how to remove appetite. To remove appetite there are many ways out of which coffee is also the key to remove appetite.  

As we know that coffee contains many nutrients but it also contains some acids which our helpful for our body. Therefore, some of acids fight with our hunger and helps you to suppresses are appetite. 

And it’s like a lame thought, coffee curb your appetite as when you make your coffee it is very hot and you drink every single sip slowly. And it takes up to a half an hour. 

Boost your metabolism-

For losing weight loss metabolism plays a very vital role. Without a good metabolism you cannot weight loss. But don’t worry coffee will help you to boost tour metabolism.  

In these ways drinking coffee can helps you to lose weight.  


Disturbs sleep-

Consuming in a high amount of caffeine can leads to disturbs your beautiful sleep at night and may cause insomnia. Caffeine disturbs your sleep cycle; it may lead many more disease which is caused due to insufficient sleep. 

Taking coffee at night can harm more than good. Insufficient sleep can cause you lethargic, fatigued. 

That’s why, it is advised to not to take coffee before bed time, make sure the gap between your sleep and coffee for about 6-7 hours or more if possible. 


As we know that caffeine blocks the receptors of neurotransmitters, which is known as adenosine. Which makes you energetic an active.  

But consuming it in high quantity or taking high doses of caffeine may cause you anxiety. Because when the caffeine receptors block the neurotransmitter known adenosine, which is according to the genetic studies  shows that adenosine plays the important role in increasing in anxiety.

Stomach upset –

If you’re having digestion problem, coffee can be the reason. 

 Because coffee relaxes the lower esophageal sphincter, which blocks the entry for the acid which goes through the stomach, which may cause acid reflex. 

But before taking any decision consult your doctor about your stomach upset as there can be another reason for that.  


Like other addition, coffee is also can be addictive and may harm your body mentally and physically.  

As we know that caffeine blocks the receptors known as adenosines and there are many adenosine receptors present in your brain. For which it will crave you to drink more and more coffee. It can also known as ‘caffeine fix’.  

There are some ways of drinking coffee If you opt in your diet which will help you to boost your workout and help you to lose weight. 

Ways to drink coffee for weight loss 

Pre workout  

Pre workout, its name already has pre which means before the workout.  

Many people around the world who are a fitness freak or fitness lover, they consume pre-workout to get energy, as it contains a high amount of caffeine. 

As many of you hard to find to get up in the morning, but you make you hard and get up in the morning.  

To resolve this, many people came across to pre-workout and they started to find the best pre-workouts in the market. 

There are many pre-workouts which are sold in the market but they are not pocket friendly. 

Here coffee can be cheap pre-workout and it can be found in your home easily.  

We know that coffee is the best source of energy, aside from energy there are many benefits which are beneficial for are body. As when you consume coffee before the workout it causes fat cells to be used as fuel cells. Which causes to burn fat fast. 

And it became important for every people who are into fitness. 

Benefits of coffee as a pre-workout  

 The main problem faced by many fitness freaks to energy and to take out every ounce in your workout. Here the pre-workout plays the key role in providing you the energy or make you active. 

Pre-workout does not help you to burn calories or remove fat, it gives a boost to your workout that can increase energy and endurance. 

All these works any pre-workout does are in coffee. We have discussed about this already that coffee is the best source of energy and other benefits which helps you to lose weight. 

But other than this, timing and dozing is the main thing to consider while drinking coffee as a pre-workout as you don’t want any disadvantages that we have discussed above. 

Timing and dosages 

Best timing of anything is very important, that’s why taking coffee as a pre-workout needs you to keep an eye on timing and doze you take. 

It is advised to take 15-45 minutes before the workout, as the level of caffeine takes up to 15-25 minutes to peak with the bloodstream. And the best suggested time is 30 minutes prior to workout.  

Here, many of you thinking why it takes so much time to go in the bloodstream. 

Because coffee or any other pre-workout is not that thing that goes in to your body make you energetic. Everything takes time.  

But there are some nutrients which effects immediately and you may feel some boost after consuming it.  

When you should take pre-workout? 

There are many ways which you can use to take pre-workout, but the easiest and the simple ways we will discuss in the next para. 

If you go to the gym early morning, say 6 o’clock, then you probably wake up at 5 am to 5’15 am then prepare your pre-workout drink.  

After this you may sleep again and wake up to the time of your workout. Or, if your gym is away from your home do a walk to your gym.  

Post workout 

As we know that consuming coffee as pre-workout is very beneficial but taking it as post workout is also beneficial. 

Because when you do your workout, our body uses glycogen as the fuel of energy. This may cause depletion of glycogen also it breaks down your muscle protein which will reduce the growth of your muscle. 

So, to regrow the glycogen and the healthy muscle, post workout plays a very important role.  

Taking the best post workout drink or meal can helps you to decrease the breakdown of muscle protein and restores glycogen. 

Benefits of coffee as a post workout  

During an intense workout session, we push our muscles to get leaner and stronger. It also breaks down the tissue covering our muscles.  

For this, the recovery of our muscles tissue is very important. Therefore, many people drink protein drinks, BCAAs, and other similar supplements for recovery. 

Here, coffee can be your good friend for recovery of muscles as well as keeping your glycogen level up.  

Timing and dosages  

One should take coffee as a post workout 15-60 minutes prior after exercising. This time frame is known as the “anabolic window” and said to be the perfect time for getting the most out of nutrients like protein. 

And you can take up to 1-2 scoops of coffee which is about 25–50 grams.   

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