Yin Yoga 101 | A Full Guide. 

Yin yoga

If you have watched some movies from China, you must have seen this type of religious symbol It’s called Yin and Yang.  In Chinese philosophies, Yin and Yang describe the forces which are interconnected but opposite to each other.   There are many characteristics that each other represents.   Out of which Yin represents Rest whereas Yang … Read more

4-Yoga Asanas For Reducing Thigh Fat.

Yoga Asanas For Reducing Thigh Fat

Increased waist line with fatty thighs is now everyone’s problem who have hectic lifestyle.   Or not with being hectic these are also caused due to lack of exercises, imbalanced hormones, genetics, and poor food habits which contribute to excess flab in the lower body.  And many of us are tired or being afraid of doing … Read more

How To Reduce Double Chin By Yoga

How To Reduce Double Chin By Yoga 

Double chin is the 3rd most hatred thing in my list, first is belly fat and following is the side fat and I know you have also the same words for having double chin.   As having double chin makes the front up person appearance very bad. Also, a double chin can drop your confidence. … Read more

What Should I Eat After Yoga For Weight Loss? 

What Should I Eat After Yoga For Weight Loss 

This is a conversation I’ve had a million times: What Should I Eat After Yoga For Weight Loss ?  “Yoga Se Hi Hoga”. You may hear of this phrase many times when Yoga is in discussion.  With continuation to this, yoga is known to be very beneficial for the body, both physically and mentally. As an … Read more