What Should I Eat After Yoga For Weight Loss? 

This is a conversation I’ve had a million times: What Should I Eat After Yoga For Weight Loss ? 

“Yoga Se Hi Hoga”. You may hear of this phrase many times when Yoga is in discussion. 

With continuation to this, yoga is known to be very beneficial for the body, both physically and mentally. As an added bonus, it can also be very beneficial when trying to lose weight too.  

And many people like places form India consider Yoga as the best form for weight loss. Which is very true.  

As its low Impact exercises or asanas helps you to achieve greater form. 

But we all know that only exercises can’t be sufficient for weight loss. It requires you to be in a calorie deficit which can be done with a good diet plan. 

Let’s, say we have decided our workout which is yoga but only exercises do not help you to weight loss, it requires a calorie deficit diet. 

So, in this article we were discussing about what should I eat after yoga for weight loss? Also, in addition, read on to find out what kind of foods you should eat in breakfast, lunch and dinner that will help keep your mind and body healthy and at its best! 

What Can I Eat? 


A healthy breakfast is important for yoga because it helps you lose weight.  

Breakfast for yoga should be something light, like a banana or an apple. Avoid eating heavy foods, as they can make you feel sluggish during your practice.  

After breakfast, drink a glass of water and take time to stretch and loosen up the muscles before doing yoga. 

If you’re looking to lose weight, try eating quinoa dishes or try drinking weight loss smoothies, as they are very delicious plus they can be made at home easily.  

Or you may try eating fruits and dry-fruits mixed up with weight loss drinks.  

The above breakfast ideas are very light and make you away from guilt and it is always suggested to have a light breakfast which these ideas fulfill it.  


You’ve just completed a strenuous yoga session and you’re feeling great.  

You’re probably wondering what you should eat now in order to continue on your weight-loss journey.  

The answer is simple: a healthy lunch! Eating lunch jump-starts your metabolism and helps to burn calories throughout the day.  

Plus, it provides you with the energy you need to power through your workout.  

Here are some ideas for healthy lunch that will help you lose weight. 

You can eat chapatis, rice, brown rice with any homemade curry or with yoghurt or if you are lactose intolerant you can try some gluten and dairy-free food items for lunch.  


It’s important to have a healthy dinner after yoga, especially if you’re trying to lose weight.  

A light salad with some lean protein is a great option.  

You could also have a veggie wrap or soup.  

If you’re really hungry, you can have a small portion of pasta or rice. Just be sure to avoid heavy sauces and fried foods. 

Here are some ideas for healthy dinner that will help you lose weight. 

Try eating steamed veggies or peanut butter sandwich and try to add avocado in your diet.  


You probably already know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  

But did you know that what you eat after yoga can be just as important for weight loss?  

Here are a few ideas for healthy snacks that will help you lose weight and feel great after your yoga workout. 

What To Do Before and After Yoga Practice 

Follow these rules to get better results and to prevent illness or something: 

What to do before. 

  • Keep your stomach empty. 
  • Hydrate yourself properly. 
  • Wear comfortable clothes. 
  • Keep your phone off or silent it.  

What to do after. 

  • Take shower. 
  • Hydrate yourself again. 
  • Eat after the yoga session. (We were discussing about the same afterwards) 
  • Make yourself comfortable and take a complete rest.  

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What should I drink after yoga to lose weight?

You can drink weight loss drinks or smoothies. As they will keep you full and more hydrated.

Can we eat fruits after doing yoga?

Yes, you can eat fruits after yoga session or you can eat super nutritious meals.

Can we bath after yoga?

Yes, it is advisable to bath after yoga session as it will make you to feel good and energetic.

Should you warm up before yoga?

Yes, you should warm up before yoga session and not with yoga session warm up with any exercises you are performing.

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