Yogathenics: Epic Combination Of Callisthenics and Yoga.

We’ll want to lose weight, build up muscles, get ripped, etc. but we don’t want to go to the gym.  

Many people wanted to exercise at home. Also, they don’t make a home gym as it’s very expensive.   

So, what’s the solution to it? How you can build up muscles or lose weight at home? 

The epic combination of calisthenics  

Doing a lot of practice and hard work, but still, we’ll end empty-handed. 

Well, building muscles is not that hard when compared to losing weight. 

Calisthenics and Yoga are two different types of forms, which are indeed very giving exercises.  

But you will be scratching your head because one is made to build up your strength and on other hand, it is for flexibility and calmness.  

You will be surprised; it is knowing that the Combination of Yoga and calisthenics is not a new experiment of combination. 

This combination is been for more than a century.  

The main purpose or we can say the motive of both yoga and calisthenics is to provide you with the best form of physic.  

The entanglement of Yoga and calisthenics provides some best of the exercises.  

In this blog post, we are combining the two most popular exercises and seeing how you can lose weight and rip with them. 

We have compared Calisthenics with CrossFit, if you want to see check here: Calisthenics vs CrossFit | Which is best for weight loss? 

Now, let’s get straight into it and see how you can remove that bulge from your body. 

What is Calisthenics? 

Calisthenics is a type of strength training that uses bodyweight movements, such as push-ups, pull-ups, dips, and flexion and extension exercises, to achieve fitness. 

If you’re not familiar with the term, calisthenics is a type of exercise that involves using your body weight to perform exercises such as push-ups and squats.  

While there are many different types of calisthenics, they all have one thing in common – they’re all effective ways to build strength and muscle without the use of weights.  

What Is Yoga? 

Yoga is a physical, mental, and spiritual practice that originated in ancient India.  

It also helps with stress management, which can be beneficial for people who work long hours or have other obligations in their life. 

Yoga is one of the best ways to lose weight. And, according to much scientific research, it is found that yoga increases one’s aerobic fitness and also strengthens your body, which helps in weight loss.   

It’s a great way to get in shape without having to commit to an intense workout regimen or leave home!   

With regular practice, you’ll see improvements in your endurance, flexibility, and overall strength. 

Now, let us see the combination of both forms. 


It is a very long word “combination of calisthenics and Yoga”, from now you can call it Yogathenics. 

Chaturanga Dandasana 

Chaturanga Dandasana also known as the Four-Limbed Staff pose is a pose in which your body is parallel to the ground and is supported by the toes and palms.  

This asana strengthens your core and back and builds strength in your erector spinae, the muscles on either side of your spine. This helps improve core strength, posture, and stability. 

Chaturanga Dandasana starts with laying down on the mat with back facing, then lifting your arms with your hands beneath your shoulders then stretching your legs.  

Then bend your arms until it’s like a half push-up.  

The four-Limbed Staff pose strengthens the wrists, arms, and shoulders. It helps increase stamina. Sportspersons do the plank pose as part of cooling down exercises after playing. 

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Adho Mukha Vrishasena 

Adho Mukha Savasana also known as Downward Dog Pose or Downward-facing Dog Pose is an asana laying on a mat like a yawning dog.    

This asana stretches the hamstring and calf muscles in the backs of the legs and builds strength in the shoulders. Many Yoga professionals and fitness trainers suggest doing this Pose during Pregnancy but many refuse.    

So, do it only by consulting your doctor or any professional.    

Adho Mukha Savasana asana starts with coming down to your knees and hands on the mat with your hands directly straight to your shoulders. And knees under your hips.    

Slightly move up your knees and at first, keep your knees bend. Then stretch your back and pelvis and open your palm. Stay in the pose for 10 or more breaths, then bend your knees on an exhalation and lower yourself into a normal position.    

Downward-Facing Dog Pose tones the arms and legs, opens and strengthens the shoulders in flexion, lengthens the hamstrings, stretches the calves, and prepares the body for heating.   

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Ardha Navasana 

As its name suggests “Ardha” means “half” and “nav” means “boat” i.e., half-boat pose.   

It is a very effective asana for the core as well as for your lower body, it gives pressure on them when it is in action.   

Ardha Navasana asana starts with sitting straight back and gradually raising your legs until you feel like a curve made in your body.   

This asana will help you to reduce belly fat, as when you perform this asana you will feel all the pressure around your core.    

If you want to read in detail about Ardha Navasana read this, “Ardha Navasana The Yoga Pose”. 

Phalakasana (HIGH PLANK)   

Phalakasana also known as High Plank is an asana for holding your body in a pose like doing a Push-Up.  

This asana helps you to strengthen your abdominals, hands, wrists, arms, shoulders, back, core, glutes, and legs.  

High Plank starts with laying down on the mat with back facing, then lifting your arms with your hands beneath your shoulders then stretching your legs.  

The plank pose builds upper and core body strength lengthens the spine and strengthens the low back muscles.  

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Yogathenics is a term referred to as a combination of Calisthenics and Yoga.  

It is very effective and promises able to weight loss or if you want to build muscles with it.  

Indeed, Calisthenics and Yoga itself is a very known form of workouts, which helps you with many other health benefits.  

So, try it.  


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