Write For Us

Hello Fellow Health Enthusiasts and Wordsmiths,

At LoseSimply.in, we believe in the power of community, knowledge-sharing, and the art of storytelling. If you’re someone with a passion for health, wellness, and the written word, we invite you to join hands with us and contribute your voice to our platform. Our “Write for Us” program is more than just an opportunity to showcase your writing prowess; it’s a chance to inspire, educate, and be a part of a movement towards simplified well-being.

Guidelines for Guest Posts:

1. Authenticity is the Key: We value originality above all else. Your guest post should be a creation of your own thoughts and experiences. Plagiarism isn’t our jam, and we’re pretty sure it’s not yours either.

2. Relevance Matters: Our canvas revolves around health, fitness, nutrition and mental well-being. Make sure your piece fits within this realm, resonating with our audience and the LoseSimply.in ethos.

3. Crafting Compelling Content: Engage, entertain, and educate. Craft your piece with a dash of your unique style while ensuring that it’s informative and engaging for our readers.

4. Evidence-Based Approach: Facts are our compass. If you’re presenting information, ensure it’s backed by credible research or personal experiences that add weight to your narrative.

5. Word Count Wisdom: Aim for a word count of 1200 to 3000 words. This provides ample space to delve deep into your topic without overwhelming our readers.

6. Linking Landscape: You’ll have the chance to include two backlinks in your guest post—one do-follow and one no-follow. Also, when writing the content make sure to add at least 1-2 links of losesimply(as a internal link).

7. Crystal-Clear Formatting: Break your content into sections and paragraphs. Subheadings and bullet points are your friends; they make your piece easier to scan and digest.

8. Visual Charisma: If you have images to accompany your post, make sure they’re high-quality and relevant. Please provide image credits if necessary.

9. Proofread and Polish: Spelling and grammar are like the seasoning to your dish. A sprinkle of proofreading ensures a polished end product.

Submitting Your Pitch:

If you’re nodding your head in agreement with our guidelines, you’re on the right track. You can proceed to submit your pitch by emailing us at [email protected]. Alternatively, you can head to our Contact Us page and select the “Guest Post” option. We’ll eagerly await your ideas and insights.

MAKE SURE, first only to pitch the ideas to us and then if we accept your pitches, mail us the full-fledged written article to us.

Also, we have the write to edit your article after the submission and make sure that the article should not we published anywhere.

At LoseSimply.in, we believe that collective knowledge is the cornerstone of growth. We’re thrilled to invite you to be part of this knowledge-sharing endeavor. So, let your thoughts flow, your insights shine, and your voice resonate. Let’s weave a tapestry of wellness, one word at a time.

Join us in this shared journey towards well-being, one word at a time. Together, we can simplify the intricate world of health, and together, we can inspire change.

Warm Regards, The LoseSimply.in Team