What Diet Myths Strength Training Newbies Should Avoid?  

Diet Myths for Strength Training

So you’ve hit the gym, ready to sculpt your dream physique. Awesome! But hold on, are you confused by all the crazy diet advice floating around, especially regarding strength training meal plans for beginners and pre and post workout nutrition?  Forget starving yourself! New research shows you actually need to eat enough to build muscle. … Read more

Sticking to Healthy Eating for Beginners

healthy Eating Strength Training

Did you know that over two-thirds of adults in the United States are overweight or obese? While genetics play a role, a significant contributor to this statistic is the ease of access to unhealthy processed foods. These foods are engineered to be hyper-palatable, triggering the brain’s reward system and making it difficult to resist.  This … Read more

Diet for Weightlifting Newbies: Lean Muscle & Strength Gains 

Weightlifting Newbies

Building muscle isn’t just about lifting weights – what you eat plays a bigger role than you might think. Studies show around 70% of muscle growth comes from your diet. This guide simplifies the key ideas behind weightlifting nutrition, helping you make informed choices to fuel your fitness journey.  We’ll break down the essentials: what … Read more

What are beginner nutrition basics for muscle and fat loss?

Muscle and Strength Training

Over 60% of individuals who lose weight regain it within a few years, often due to solely focusing on weight loss through calorie restriction. This approach can lead to muscle loss and a slower metabolism, making it harder to maintain results.  This guide tackles a different approach: body recomposition. This involves gaining muscle while simultaneously … Read more