Healthy meal prep ideas for weight loss

If you’re looking for a way to lose weight, one of the best things you can do is start meal prepping your meals.  

Meal prep allows you to create healthy, delicious meals that you can eat throughout the week without having to think about what to cook. 

It is like the fuel which helps your body to get active after a wonderful training session and helps your body to get full amount of nutrients.  

In this blog post, we’ll share some healthy meal prep ideas that will help you in weight loss. 

What is meal prepping? 

Meal prepping is just preparing your meals in a small bulk and storing them in a container for a not long week.

Which will help you to enjoy it when you feel hunger like while before going to office or school and after returning home. 

It will become very useful to those who has very hectic schedule.

You can make a good meal and store them in freezer or something like that which can keep them fresh and which will make you full and gives you all the nutrients required. 

Also, long-term weight loss is not just about eating healthy but also about setting achievable goals and making sustainable changes to your life in addition to your diet. 

The best way to keep a healthy diet is to make sure that you are always cooking delicious meals for the whole family. 

When it comes to healthy meal prep, many of you thinks about spending money on versatile ingredients and food products which are not only useless but also expensive. 

These meal prep ideas include veggies and other food ingredients which can be found easily in your kitchen and can be made easily and be inexpensive. 

You’ll be shocked to know that many people underestimate the power of healthy meal prep ideas. A study found that meal prepping increases weight loss by 170 calories per day. That’s the equivalent of a glass of wine and half a pint of ice cream. 

Short-term diet and long-term diet are important to weight loss. Eating healthy and a diet rich in nutrients and good for your wallet will make a difference. Allow yourself some treats and a little bit of outside eating, once a while. 

What to pack for Lunch 

Spicy Peanut paneer Buddha Bowl is a newer version of Spicy Peanut Tofu Buddha Bowl by itsavegworldafterall. Read the detailed recipe of it there.  



CALORIES: 514kcal 

SERVINGS: 4 bowls 

What to pack for dinner 

Curried Chickpeas Bowl with Turmeric Rice and Garlicky Chard is a recipe by holycowvegan. Read the detailed recipe of it there. 

A delicious and healthful bowl that layers some curried chickpeas, cooked in an onion and coconut sauce, with turmeric rice and garlicky Swiss chard. 



Calories: 312kcal 

Servings: 8 servings 

Make your Healthy Meal Prep Incredibly easy. 

At first you may feel very frustrated in meal prepping, but after some time you get love to it, as meal prep ideas is the best trick for weight loss.  

Here are some tips discussed which you can apply to grow up interest in meal prep ideas: – 

1. Plan your meal-

you should go through these recipes and plan which easily be prepared by you and are available to your home. 

2. Don’t prep too many meal

out of these 10 meals you should try only 1-2 meal in a week. As these meals cannot survive for more than 3-4 days.  

3. Make it by yourself-

everyone knows that only reading or watching cannot make your meal or get your any work done automatically.

So, you should need to get your hands on making meals, which will help you very much because only you are whom who should know what you are putting in it. 

4. Make it enjoyable-

as I told you to try only 1-2 meals or maximum 3-4 meals a week and plan in advance a new meal for next week, which will increase your craving to eat your heathy meal and not to eat any junk food. 

Advantages of meal prepping 

1. Meal prepping saves your time-

the best thing I get to look in meal prepping is that it saves time. You can plan about your meals in one day for whole week, not just full day only in few minutes.  

2. Meal prepping is inexpensive-

as we discussed that most of the vegies and all can be easily found in your kitchen or else if you buy things according to your meals, you can save some money from it. 

3. Meal prepping reduces weight-

we all know that diet plays a very important role in losing weight. So, in order not to get cravings for junk food or any sweeter things these meal prep ideas can full up your cravings.  

Disadvantages of meal prepping  

1. Can give you discomfort-

as we earlier talked, it is very useful for them who loves fitness as well as they have hectic schedule. 

For the starting you can enjoy eating the same but after you may start to dislike it because everyone needs some good and tasty food to get under comfort.  

2. Need commitment-

Meal prepping is done for at least 4-5 days; we all knew that also we need to eat rely on them for how many days we have prepared them.

If you try to move forward it would be the wastage of food as well as wastage of money.  


The best way to lose weight is by making healthy meal prep a habit.

By prepping your food in advance and then reheating it, you can save time and money while still getting a healthy meal.

Commit to making healthy meal prep part of your routine by following these tips for starting a successful weight loss journey.

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