HLM Workout: The Most Effective Strength Training Method.

HLM Workout

Are you looking for a workout routine that will help you build strength and muscle mass quickly and efficiently? Heavy, light and moderate (HLM) training might be just what you need.  HLM workouts are a type of strength training that involves alternating between heavy, light, and moderate loads to stimulate muscle growth and improve overall performance.  … Read more

18 Best Exercises For Obese Beginners  


Starting an exercise routine can be intimidating, especially if you’re dealing with obesity.   But the truth is that exercise is essential for both weight loss and overall health.   The good news is, there are plenty of exercises that are perfect for beginners, regardless of your current fitness level.   In this blog post, we’ll … Read more

Calisthenics Freestyle

You must be knowing that freestyle is dance, drawing, music, etc. But you don’t know about what is Freestyle Calisthenics.   Calisthenics is becoming a new way of building muscles with just using your own bodyweight.  I know, most of the people may not be familiar with it. So, Calisthenics workout helps you to build muscles … Read more

4 Pull Day Workout 

pull day workout

Having a systematic workout routine is everybody’s dream. Right?  What if I tell your there is a workout routine which will help you to build strong muscles!  Pull Day it is.  Pull day workout is the part of PPL split. Its full name is push/pull/legs workout. More defined-  In push day, you train the upper … Read more