5-Aerobics exercise for weight loss 

Most of the people wants to lose weight but there are some reasons they can’t. The reason is that they don’t want to step out to the gym and shred those fat. Because most of the people don’t have time to step into the gym and some have time but they don’t want go out from home.  

Here are some the aerobics exercise which is the key for weight loss without stepping out from home and it help you to lose weight. 

So, let’s see what exactly are aerobics exercise,

What are aerobics exercises? 

Aerobics means “with oxygen” means how your body uses oxygen efficiently. 

Aerobics exercises are brisk exercises, which means when you do brisk exercises like running, jogging., your heart and lungs beats much faster than the normal. If you make it a habit and do it regularly your cardiovascular muscle become very strong. 

 Aerobic are the physical activity or exercises that will help you to burn fat and makes you sweat as it is a physical activity and makes you heartbeat faster and eventually you sweat.  

Aerobics exercises not only helps you to loss weight, it also helps you to strengthens your cardiovascular muscles. When we do some physical activity like running, swimming, cycling, etc. Your heart starts to pumps faster and it will make your heart to flow in a better way and makes the flow circulation of blood better.  

Strengthening your cardiovascular muscles will help you to lower for blood pressure, reduces anxiety, and the most important part of aerobics exercise is it helps you to lose weight. 


Many of you are thinking how we can lose weight with aerobics exercises, 

How we can lose weight with aerobics exercises. 

As we discussed above, aerobics exercise are the combination of physical activities which help you to breath fast and makes you sweat and eventually helping your body to burn calories.  

Also, we know that burning calories is not the only key to weight loss, we have to be in a calorie deficit to lose weight. Same with aerobics exercise, if you’re in a combined relation between the low-calorie diet with regular doing aerobics exercises, you may significantly lead to weight loss.  

After some time, gradually increase the duration and intensity of your aerobic workouts for even greater weight loss 

Let’s get jump into the best aerobics exercise that will help you to lose weight. 

Best aerobics exercises to lose weight 

1. Skipping


Skipping is the most popular and the most effective aerobics exercise for weight loss. It not only burns fat but it also helps you to build up cardiovascular muscle as well as It tightens your core muscles, improves stamina and shapes your thighs. 

Rope jumping is a fun activity and when you start skipping it has some kick that will make you happy while doing workout. It brings joy to your exercise routine.  

The burning calories numbers are great as you can burn approx. 7-10 calories per minute. In the below chart you can you can check how many calories you can burn according to your height and weight. 

How to add in your workout routine 

A beginner can add skipping rope in your exercise’s routine in 3 ways. 

You may try all the way and fit it accordance to your preference, 


You can add skipping rope as a warmup as it will warm your body and energies you at the starting of your workout. It will help you to not to feel dizzy if you do your workout in the morning. You can start with 3-5 minutes and increase the time as per your stamina. 

Mid workout 

Many people start their workout with stretching or any other exercise that they like. Here, in the middle of the workout when you are waiting to complete your set of any workout, you can start for a minute or 2.  


You may do skipping as your finishing workout, as it will help your cardiovascular muscles to act fast, at the end you can jump with at a high pace than the normal at a count of 100 or more as per your convivence.   

Calories burned per minute are 7.6 to 9.8.  

This is the chart which you can relate according to your weight and height. 

2. Jogging

People when they thought about weight loss, the first exercise that comes in their mind is jogging. Jogging is the most effective exercise from all the other exercises also it burns the most of the calories than any other exercises. It is the most effective cardiovascular exercises than any other. 

Jogging is the key to weight loss. In fact, you can maintain your body after your weight loss by only doing jog. It helps you during and after your weight loss. 

Jogging is a full body workout as it helps you to warmup and help your body to be trained for the intense workout.  

What is the best time of doing jogging in a day? 

Everything has its perfect timing and if you do it in the best timings you will get the best results, so the best timings for jogging are, 


Working out in the morning especially jogging with an empty stomach is best way to weight loss. Giving your day a start with jogging makes you fresh and energetic throughout the day. 

If you are not a morning person, don’t force yourself to exercise in the morning, as you may feel doing it in pressure or doing it with low intensity, you can do jogging in,  


Working out in the evening can also be a great option, as you may feel fresh after your hectic day. Since you have eaten up 2-3 meals of day but it is normal because your body is still in performance mode. 

But remember this condition when you’re doing any workout in the evening that you’re have to empty stomach for at least 3 hours.  

The calories burned per minute is 12-17 which is very good. For more references you can check the below diagram according to your weight and height. 

3. Cycling –

Cycling is the low impact aerobics exercises, but low impact does not mean it can’t help you with weight loss, cycling is the way to enjoy and lose weight.

It is the best and the easiest form of cardiovascular exercise that you opt for weight loss.  

It is most fun exercise and it helps you to build muscle strength & lower your stress level. If you don’t have time to head over to gym do cycling, you can do it with your friends or with your family members. It is like an enjoyable weight loss.  

Cycling options 

Cycling can be done in two ways it depends on  

According to Harvard University, biking at a moderate speed of 12 to 13.9 miles per hour will cause a 155-pound person to burn 298 calories in 30 minutes. At a faster rate of 14 to 15.9 miles per hour, a person of the same weight will burn 372 calories. Or you may calculate according to your weight and distance on style crazy.  


Many people love to do cycling at their own space. You can do it by joining the online programs or by watching the YouTube videos. As compared to normal cycles it has some benefits like you don’t have to deal with and tire puncturing or any problem related to your cycles. 

 There are many indoor cycles in the market that u can buy and make it use for your weight loss. But it will not be easy to kept who has small space in their house to kept. 

It is safer than the outdoor cycling. 

As we discussed above that most of the people don’t have much space to put stationary cycling in their home, so they may prefer for the outdoor cycling. 


Outdoor cycling makes your mind fresh and keeps all your anxiety and stress away from you. When you move outwards you meet new people, explore new places around you and many more things. When you meet the nature you yourself pushes to do something. 

There are many factors to consider while going to outdoor cycling. 

  • Wear a helmet 
  • Wear shoes 
  • Ride peacefully  
  • Don’t use phone while riding  
  • Always be focused  

4. Walking-

Walking can be a great aerobic exercise, if you maintain a brisk enough to get sweat and little harder breathing than normal. But walking is a low impact cardio workout but it can help you to lose weight. Brisk walking can be done in outdoor and indoor. 

Walking is full of benefits. Other than weight loss walking helps you to lower your blood pressure, improves your blood flow and many more. 

Walking daily for only 30 mins can burn up to more than 100 calories. But for a beginner you may start with the lesser time as it may cause leg pain or soreness. Increase your time day by day.  

How you can lose weight with walking 

Walking itself helps you to burn calories but it you carry a calories deficit diet; you can lose your weight more efficiently. It’s an effective exercise but keep an eye on your calorie intake. 

According to a study it is ideal to walk 10,000 steps a day. But for a beginner it is high steps. So, he/she can start by walking 10,000 per day but with interval. For example, you walked in the morning for say 3000-4000 steps and in evening 2000-3000 steps and at night after your dinner completing your steps. 

If you cannot do to make 10000 steps in a day, don’t worry it’s not a very big deal, you can walk according to your strength and time available. 

5. Aerobic strength circuit-

The last and the most important workout for aerobics are, aerobic strength circuit. Aerobic strength is a set of 5 exercises. These combination of these 5 exercises will help you to lose weight very easily. This combination not only help you to lose weight, it also helps you to boost your heart rate and make your cardiovascular muscle working on another level. 

These 5 exercises focus on all your major muscle groups, exercises are  


squats are the most effective workout which will help you to build muscle and strength and makes better body posture. Doing any exercise correctly is one of the main things and in this exercise the posture and the right technique is very important.  

Squats directly targets your glutes and hamstrings. It also helps you to build your core muscles and make your better body posture and it improves blood circulation, helps in balancing body hormones. 


Burpees are most important and the best exercises for weight loss. It directly targets your belly fat and helps you to lose the fat fast around your belly. It is a very intensive exercise that makes you to burn a lot calorie. 

Besides from highly intensive exercise it’s also a cardiovascular exercise, as when you perform it makes your heart beat faster and helps in better flow of blood circulation. 

There are some variations in burpees, which will help you to engage in burning more calories. 


now many of you are thinking that how pushups help us help loss. Yes, push helps you to weight loss. Pushups directly targets your chest arms and core. Right so when you perform it you feel some pressure around that area which means you fat is burning and getting muscle. 

Many people don’t do pushups in correct form. You can check how you do pushups correctly. 

Push ups has many variations which you can also try. 

Pushups are also a cardiovascular exercise because it makes you heart beat faster after 1 or 2 sets.  

Jumping jacks –

This exercise is very intensive in nature and due to its intensiveness its also the best cardio exercise. Mainly jumping jacks are used for warm up, but you can perform it as a high intensive exercise with joining any program or watching YouTube video. 

But there are something to considering while doing this 

  • Flat surface  
  • Wear shoes  
  • Coordination with your body 

You can calculate the calories on burned calories. Com 


Lunges helps you to weight loss. Yes you read is right. As we discussed above in pushups that it focuses on upper body therefore this exercise mainly focuses on lower body. 

It helps you to tone you legs and getting them in shape. Other than this lunges helps you in balancing your body hormones and making your metabolism stronger. 

Lunges also offers more Variations than squats. 


Aerobics exercise are an important part of a healthy lifestyle and can help you lose weight. If you’re interested in learning more about how to get started with an aerobics exercise program, we have a variety of resources available for you. Our team of experts would be happy to answer any questions you may have about these programs or what they entail in terms of what type of equipment is needed for each type of workout. We hope this article has been helpful!

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