Is water aerobics good for weight loss?

Nowadays, boredom is a common situation. With that say, you may also get bored with land resistance workouts or pumping up dumbbells in the gym. 

Water Aerobics is becoming a new fitness mantra for weight loss with low intense workout.  

Everyone loves to go to public pools and water parks and like to do splashing and rest there for relaxation.  

And going to these public pools and adding these water exercises can help you to weight loss.  

Interesting, right.  

These are very different and somewhere easy from normal swimming but very effective for weight loss, toning your body and many more. 

Also, water is considered to be the way for weight loss,  

According to Harvard Health Publications, an adult will burn 120 to 178 calories in 30 minutes of water aerobics, depending on body weight. The more you weigh, the more calories you’ll burn. Because your body weighs less in water, you don’t have to work as hard.    

Water aerobics are different from regular swimming; as it contains different types forms and like that which we will discuss further. 

You can check the best water aerobics exercises here.  

But before that, Let’s see  

What are water aerobics? 

Water or aqua aerobics are the best form of aerobics exercises for weight loss . 

Aerobics exercises are those which makes your heart beat faster and builds strong cardiovascular.  

And, it is a type of resistance training. 

Water aerobics are the low-impact water form exercises which are performed vertical standing. 

It is the best type of cardiovascular form of exercise, as when it in action it makes your heart beat faster and condition your body for better flow of blood and initially helps you to weight loss. 

Aqua aerobics can be done by the people of any age form being a teenage or being an old. It is for everyone who wants to lose weight.  

Or if you want faster results, you can do more reps of the exercises. 

Water aerobics are gaining popularity day by day as a new fitness mantra. It is because it’s a very enjoyable and rewarding exercises as it helps to burn most of the calories. 

In simple words, water aerobics are the cardio in water. And, everyone knows that, how cardio is important for weight loss. 

Now, let us see the other benefits of water aerobics, 

Benefits of Water aerobics. 

Low Impact- 

Everyone knows that in water we feel very light weight which Is known as buoyance of water and due to this our joints do not feel much pressure as compared to land aerobics workouts.  

Though this we can do many exercises under water without having pain on joints.  

Helps in weight loss- 

Water aerobics is a form of cardiovascular and resistance training workout. These workouts can help you to burn at least 200 to 400 calories in 30 minutes. Which is more than the regular land aerobics.  

And because of high resistance in water these exercises make your body feel exhausted when performing in the water.   

Relieves stress and decreases anxiety- 

We all went to water parks for relaxation and people spend time in water to reduce stress. with performing this exercise, you will feel more comfortable and can build your confidence from the shied of exercises. 

It’s a fun way to exercise-  

Water pools is always a fun way to get in there. People went to water parks and pool to get fun with their family and with this you can allow your body to lose weight with it.  

Does water aerobics build muscle? 

When it comes to building muscle doing water aerobics the answer is, again, yes. We’re starting to sound dull, we know, but what can we do, water aerobics really is that good. As you can see, you can get almost anything you want out of it. 

Even the basic water aerobics exercises will help build your muscle mass. Water provides resistance, and, through resistance, your muscle mass increases. So even if you’re not going for special, muscle building water exercises, your good to go. 


Water aerobics is a great way to get your heart pumping and burn calories while you exercise. If you’re looking for a new way to lose weight or tone up, this might just be your answer! Have you tried water aerobics?What were your results?Let us know in the comments below.

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