HIIT workout for a fat loss no equipment  

Wanted to lose weight faster? With fewer efforts? With no equipment and also at home. The only way it can be high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout.  

Sounds like an advertisement. Right?  

I know that many of you have heard it once in your weight loss journey or roaming around to do weight loss.  

But apart from a joke, in real words, a HIIT workout has the capability which can help you to lose weight without any equipment or at home.   

If you’re running out of time but still want to lose some weight this workout training session will become your best friend.   

HIIT workouts are the best alternative source for a traditional way of doing weight loss. HIIT workouts take every single drop of your sweat.   

Also, this is the best form of cardiovascular exercise.   

This type of training will help your body to get toned, tighten your body, and also helps your cardiovascular muscle to work efficiently.   

In this article, we will discuss the best 10 HIIT workouts with no equipment, which will help you to lose weight faster.  

Also, I will show you the routines I created that help you burn fat, boost muscle, and have a healthy relationship with your food.   

Let’s get started.  

But first, let’s discuss more,   

What is a HIIT workout?  

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is known for its short bursts of intense workouts. This session is amazing for burning calories and raising your heartbeat.  

Also, its names already have interval training means doing little- little sets with greater impact with short breaks for recovery of muscles.  

HIIT workout makes your workout easy, as with every set or interval you give your body a little extra push.    

These HIIT workouts are an incredibly effective way to rev your metabolism and sculpt every inch of your body.  

In simple words, HIIT workouts break your workout into short breaks between sets. You can make your workout into HIIT training like cardio or muscle strengthening.  

The main thing which I loved about this workout is that beginners can also lift the advantage of it to lose weight. Many people who are new to weight loss only thought to go to the gym and spend off-hours there.   

Beginners who are doing this workout can lose their weight effectively with small numbers of workouts that are repeated multiple times.   

 Now, let’s dive into the best HIIT workout with no equipment 

HIIT Workout circuit.  

The workout which we are discussing, are the full body HIIT circuit. 


Jumping Jacks-

jumping jacks ‘the calorie burning cardio’ are the best form of exercise for HIIT circuit, not only for HIIT this is the most loved exercise for weight loss.  

This exercise is very intensive in nature and due to its intensiveness, it’s also the best cardio exercise and makes up your heart beat which is requisite of weight loss. 

Jumping jacks are known to be the full body exercise. But, mainly jumping jacks are used for warm up. That’s why we are starting off with these. 

But there is something to considering while doing this  

  • Flat surface   
  • Wear shoes   
  • Coordination with your body 

Reps- 30 

Mountain Climbers-

mountain climber is the best exercise for reducing the stubborn belly fat and to strengths the abs. It is the best part of the HIIT circuit training.  

This exercise is the full body workout as it not only targets the core also the arms, shoulders, back, chest, etc.  

Remember something while performing it  

  • Bounce your toes 
  • Touch the floor with toes 
  • Weight shifting back  

Reps- 20 

Russian Twist-

Russian twist ‘the core burner’, this form of exercise is the best to reduce the side oblique’s and the strength the core.  

It also focuses on back, legs and hips. It is important if you carry out it slowly. 

Reps- 18 


Burpees is the most given up exercise ever also the trainers and coaches also loves it very much. 

It is a full body and the best form of cardio exercise.  

Reps- 10-12 


Bicycle Crunch-

Bicycle crunch or air bicycle is the most effective workout for core and for shaping abs. It also helps to reduce the belly fat and helps you to tone your midsection and slim your waist.  

Reps- 30 seconds 

Jumping squats-

The jump squat activates muscles in your legs, like the quadriceps, glutes, and hamstrings, as well as your core and lower back muscles.  

We all know that squats itself is a great workout for lower body. But jumping squats is an intense variant of it, as its larger reps can exhaust you easily. 

Reps- 15  


push-ups are known for building upper body strength like triceps, biceps and shoulders.  

These are also a very good form of high intensity training workout.  

Reps- 15-20 


Squat in & out-

Just like the jumping squat, squat in & out are also the effective workout for lower body and mainly targeting inner thigh.  

Reps- 15 


a curb holding position with multiple benefits, what other wants with it.  

Rep- 30seconds  

Now, we have discussed the HIIT workout circuit and let’s see the advantages and disadvantages of it.  

Advantages of HIIT workout  

1. HIIT is time-efficient-

Compared to traditional ways of workout, HIIT workouts are the best exercises if you are running out of time. One can enjoy this workout in under 15-20 minutes of a training session.   

As we discussed above that these types of workouts include short bursts of exercises with a rest interval between them. This way of exercise and rest makes your body lose weight fast as the rest between them helps your muscles to recover fast.  

2. HIIT burns more calories-

One can burn more and more calories with a HIIT workout. Many studies and my own experience with HIIT workouts show that HIIT burns 15%-25% more calories than other types of exercises.   

Its short burst makes you full of sweat.  

3. HIIT helps you burn fat-

while doing HIIT workout, it helps your cardiovascular muscles to work faster, as HIIT workout helps you to consume more oxygen than the normal form of workout.   

For this, it increases your metabolic rate after a HIIT session. The increase in metabolic rate is what helps you to lose weight.  

4. HIIT lowers blood pressure-

apart from weight loss, HIIT workout has many health benefits.   

At first, a HIIT workout will increase your blood pressure as you are new to this, and your breathing level changes. But after, you may feel a decrease in the level of blood pressure because a HIIT workout reduces the stiffens in the artery walls which results in lower resting blood pressure.   

5. HIIT workout can be done anywhere-

HIIT workout can indeed be done anywhere at your home, parks, backyard, etc.   

Also, the HIIT workout doesn’t require any equipment and those who are under a tight budget can also do this work out.  

Disadvantages of HIIT workout  

1. HIIT workout can cause injury-

there are many forms of exercises in HIIT workout sessions that require more focus on forms and techniques if ignored can lead to injury.   

Also, we have discussed that there are rest intervals during HIIT workout sessions, if you don’t take rest it will lead to heavy stress on your body, which can cause injury.  

2. HIIT is not easy for everyone-

some people who are new to HIIT can find it hard as they don’t want to push themselves from the beginning, and they won’t slow start, which is not bad.   

This workout is for those who love working hard, pushing themselves over the limits, and loves the sweat session after the workout.  

3. HIIT workout makes you dizzy-

as we know HIIT workout is done with breaks and rest intervals during exercises, which makes our blood pressure drop quickly, which sometimes makes you dizzy.  

So, if you were feeling dizzy during a workout, it is advised to take a break until you feel good.  

4. HIIT workout can make you feel sore-

if you’re shifting from the low-intensity workout, it is possible that you can feel your muscles sore.  

It is because, when doing a HIIT workout you can exert or sometimes overexert different muscles than in a low-intensity workout.  

Who should do the HIIT workout? Is it for everyone?  

HIIT workout may differ from person to person. If we take a young man/woman and on another side an aged man/woman, we can see a big difference in their training session.  

But it doesn’t mean that an aged person cannot perform this workout. It is most welcomed by every type of person.   

More often, if someone doesn’t have any injury or any medical problem.   


If you’re looking for a fat loss workout that doesn’t require any equipment or space, HIIT may be the perfect option for you. With just a few minutes of your time each day, this intense form of exercise can help you burn calories and lose weight. To get started with this type of workout, check out our blog post on how to do the 5-minute HIIT workout! We also provide links below so that you can find out more information about each step in the process before committing to doing it yourself. Commit today and see how much progress you make in just 5 weeks!

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