Resistance training for weight loss 

Cardio is the only way to lose weight. You must be thinking this and no. 

Disclaimer, no cardio is hurt during the whole article.  

The main thing which I liked about resistance training is that it can be done at home.  

You can use your own bodyweight exercises or you can buy resistance band though which you can do training at home.  

All the exercises not only resistance training or cardio or any form of exercises can help you to weight loss only when it is in in combination with a calorie deficit diet.  

But what is resistance training? how does it work? And why to choose resistance training? 

In this blog post, we’ll explain everything you need to know about resistance training, including what it is, how it works, and the benefits it can offer. 

What is resistance training? 

In simple words resistance training is that workout which helps you to build muscles.  

Either you can use your own bodyweight like doing exercises like push ups or bodyweight triceps dips Or you can use dumbbells or any free weight weights. 

Basically, resistance refers to the force which is opposed and resistance training combines called as the force which you move away by your power which helps you to build muscles.  

Resistance training or strength training or weight training, all are same, not only help you to build muscles instead you can use resistance training for weight loss or toning your body and protects your joints from injury.  

Strength training is the main way you will build and ‘tone up’ your muscles. It is by far the best way to alter your body shape and once you are at the point that you are lean enough to see your muscles, resistance training can give you the shape of arms, legs or bum that you desire.  

You know what’s the best think I like about it is resistance training can be done anywhere, means you can do it at home. It is because everyone has not enough time to go to gym and do work out there.  

So, is he/she having a busy schedule can blindly go for this.  

Or if not having plan to build muscles you can try HIIT workout for a fat loss no equipment

How resistance training helps to weight loss? 

Basically, for weight loss you must need to put force on fat which is only done by increasing your heart beat.  

Heart rate can be increased not only by exercising on a treadmill, exercise bike and cross trainer but also with weight training

With the help of weight training, you are hitting two bulls’ eye with one arrow, as you are increasing your heart beat which allow your fat reserve to diminish and also build your muscles. 

You can pair a bit of cardio with weight training for more better results.  

Benefits Of Resistance Training?  

Lifting weights has numerous benefits to the muscles and skeleton that are uniquely attributed to this form of training. 

All day burn-  

When working out with weights, there will be broken down of tissues and fat in your body to make space for muscles mass.   

Due to this broken of tissues, your body recovers it while you were resting and in resting time your body requires energy to recover muscles which allow your body to burn calories all day long.   

In cardio, you burn only while you move. Means you burn calories only when you are running, jogging or performing any cardio exercises.   

Increases metabolic rate-  

Metabolism is a process in which your body uses the food you eat or drink you consume into energy. That’s why it is always said to have high metabolic rate.   

As, we discussed above that your body uses energy to recover from breakdown of tissues and with the time your body get used to it.   

And after time your body gets higher level of metabolism which is required for weight loss. 

Helps in weight loss-  

As we discussed above that, our heart started to pump faster, it is because of the oxygen our body requires to rest the muscles.  

Due to the high of heart beat, it creates pressure in blood for which it flows all over in the body. initially, the increase in blood pressure helps to force the fat reserve to diminish and create more space for blood to flow.  


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